Top 5 SlideShare Blog Posts of 2013

December 26, 2013

Wow, what a year it's been! Not only did SlideShare reach new heights (be sure to check out our annual Zeitgeist, if you haven't already) but our blog did, too. Thanks to our guest authors and all of you, the SlideShare blog has become the place to share tips on giving presentations, discuss best practices and discover the latest people are doing in the world of visual communication.

Here's a look at the top most-viewed blog posts of 2013. And here's to more in 2014!

1) 5 Powerful Ways to Open a Presentation

Just as you need to make a strong first impression when meeting someone new, you need to do the same when presenting to an audience. It sets the tone for your entire talk, and can establish your credibility right off the bat. Here are ways to make sure those crucial first few minutes of your speech count.

2) Top Design Resources for Non-Designers

Not a professional designer? Not to worry -- you can still create beautiful presentations. This post lists 10 great resources -- from Dribble to Designinspiration -- to get you started on crafting standout decks.

3) 5 Typography Tips for Every Presenter

Typography is an integral part of design, especially when it comes to presentations. It can help emphasize a message and solidify your branding. These are simple typography tips every SlideShare creator should know.

4) 5 Powerful Ways to Close a Presentation

You started off your presentation with a strong intro and kept your audience engaged -- but you’re not in the clear yet. How do you end your presentation in a way that will make people remember key takeaways, and continue talking about it days later? Read on.

5) How to Create a Killer Cover Page

One of the biggest pieces of advice we give people when creating a SlideShare is to have a standout cover page. It’s what draws the reader in, and makes the SlideShare more shareable on social channels. Here's how to make the most of your cover page.

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