#Zeitgeist2013: Share Your Year in Review!

December 9, 2013

Bitcoin. Twerking. NSA. Cronuts. Google Glass. 2013 was, by all accounts, another groundbreaking year -- and it was no less for SlideShare and the world of presentations, too.

Thanks to all of you, we saw record numbers (we're at 15 million uploads and counting!), inspiring messages ("Choose Yourself," among others), sought-after data (most popular: Mary Meeker's "Internet Trends 2013"), creative expression ("Dear NSA" was a favorite), and so much more. We took a look back at the Year of 2013; among the trends we saw:

-Presentations Got Shorter and More Visual: People today want shorter, more visual content -- just look to the popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and just about everything else on the Web. That has manifested itself in presentations, too. Decks have gotten shorter, while the use and size of images in presentations have grown.

-Cars Are Back: Detroit may have filed for bankruptcy, but SlideShares about cars were at a high: The Automotive category had the biggest increase in uploads.

-More on Mobile: Not surprisingly, mobile views were on the rise (a 223% jump from last year!). More interestingly: People consume more slides in a SlideShare when they are on a mobile device rather than at a desktop computer.

You can view all our highlights in the SlideShare Zeitgeist 2013:

What were your best and worst moments from 2013? Share your highlights, key trends and favorites from the year, and see what made the year for others. Upload your SlideShare and tag it #Zeitgeist2013.

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