4 Ways Companies Are Using SlideShare to Recruit

December 2, 2013

By Maria Ignatova

A version of this article first appeared on LinkedIn's Talent Blog

When you visit SlideShare, the first thing on your mind most likely is not, “Oh, I am going to use SlideShare to recruit amazing talent.” But it's a huge, largely untapped opportunity to do so.

SlideShare has more than 60 million visitors a month, many of whom are business professionals, looking for exciting new ideas. This means that you have a vast potential audience to impress not only with your business thought leadership, but with your company culture or even current job openings.

There are a few who are already doing it. Here are 4 ways companies as diverse as Hubspot, Archievers, Ubiwhere, LinkedIn and others have managed to show off their vibrant employer brands and catch the attention of active and passive job seekers:

1. Don’t be shy, show off your company culture

If your company prides itself on its great culture, people and values, there is no better place to show this off than on SlideShare. People love behind-the-curtains peeks into how a company works and what you value as an employer. For example, Netflix’s culture deck has become one of the most-viewed decks in the history of SlideShare. A few companies, such as HubSpot, have successfully followed suit:

2. Turn your job postings into a fun, visual journey inside your company 

Posting job descriptions on SlideShare is not an immediately obvious win -- at least not until you see what Ubiwhere has done. The small Portuguese company came up with the idea of posting their job openings as infographics that not only showcase what the requirements for the position are but why it's such a great opportunity.  How often do you get a chance to list your city’s culinary highlights in a regular job description?

To see all four ways you can use SlideShare for recruiting, read the full post on the LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog.