Using SlideShare to Attract Investors

November 6, 2013

“Show me the money!” Every business owner has heard this before. The better quote might be, “How do I show the money to get the most investment?”

With the rise of social media, video and mobile technologies, investor relations have certainly evolved in recent years. To point: Who would have ever thought an IPO would be announced via Twitter? Well, that day has come, and the good news is that all these new forms of communication can help attract even more investors -- if used correctly, of course.

A recent white paper by Q4 Web Systems discusses the impact social media has had on investor relations. It found that 52% of the 890 companies surveyed already use SlideShare for investor-related content. (For comparison's sake, 72% of the companies use Twitter for IR material, 45% use Facebook and 42% use YouTube.) More to boot: Q4 reports that SlideShare is five times more likely to reach a business owner than other social media platforms.

Their no. 1 tip for using social media for investor relations? Create great content to draw your potential investors and stakeholders in. Here are more takeaways from the report:

- Investors are increasingly turning to social media for company information. In fact, 52% of institutional investors use social media as part of their research process.

- Visual content sharing platforms are rising in importance and popularity. Visual content like presentations, video and infographics can provide more context to a company’s history, processes, goals and more. These are all important pieces of information that investors look for when deciding whether to invest in a company. And they are much more engaging than a long-winded PDF report.

- Consistency is key. Companies that use social media platforms well retain consistency in branding across all channels.

Has using SlideShare helped you attract interested parties? Share how you've done it in the comments below!