The SlideShare Sizzle Effect? Let's Get Embed!

September 13, 2013

embed_iconThere’s a whole lot of meaty content on SlideShare. But instead of talking about the steak that’s served on SlideShare, I want to talk about the sizzle—a feature you may or not take advantage of: Embeds.

An FAQ on the SlideShare help page reads:

What is embedding? How do I embed content?

SlideShare provides users the ability to embed (place their files on other websites or blogs) their files to increase the visibility of your content. You can also embed other users content that you find interesting on your own site or blog.

emedThe embed feature serves SlideShare users in two important ways.

Embedding Other Users' Content

It’s very easy to embed SlideShare content on your site or blog. If you’ve never taken advantage of the feature, you can read how to do it here.

But why embed content? It’s a smart content marketing strategy. You might have an idea for a blog post, which could be strengthened by the inclusion of a relevant slide presentation (or another form of SlideShare content).

Or… if you’re a regular SlideShare visitor and actively follow contributors, search specific topics or peruse what’s featured, you’re likely to find the inspiration for new content based on content you come across. In fact, your offering might be something as simple as teeing up the idea, introducing the SlideShare you’re embedding and adding some relevant commentary.

Angela Hausman's Business 2 Community article “Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Sizzle” is an excellent example. The story is essentially built on “99 Content Marketing Magnets,” a SlideShare deck by yours truly.

Angela ran the story on her blog, but also on the Business2Community website—and that’s what inspired me to write this post.

Embeds Are Golden for SlideShare Users

Though I wrote and designed the slide deck above, I didn’t know anything about Angela’s article or plans to publish it in multiple places. I discovered it because I monitor mentions of my brand on Twitter.

Then I discovered the first piece of good news. Her article is a hit. It’s been shared over 250 times on the B2C site alone. It’s created some commentary there as well as on social media networks.

The most exciting thing, however, for us content-marketing types, comes from seeing the reach and views of our presentations expand. Have a look:

barryAs you can see from the “sources” page in my SlideShare PRO analytics, my presentation has fared well for views from direct, referral, search and social channels—and of course, SlideShare itself. But check out that last number: EMBED 2,161.

Sweet, eh? Also, look at the sources list below the chart. In just a few weeks, my presentation has already been embedded in 12 sites, and several have generated views in the hundreds.

Worth the Effort?

That’s a throw-away question. There was no effort. “Embed” and the benefits that come with it are simply tasty icing on the content-marketing cake. I’m going to publish content on SlideShare anyway. When it’s embedded, my content—complete with my logo, links and SlideShare PRO lead capture form—all travel with it.

So you really can’t steal or plagiarize SlideShare content. You simply republish it with the embed feature and when you do you are (1) endorsing it (2) promoting it and (3) increasing its reach.

As a SlideShare user, you gotta’ love that.

Barry Feldman, of Feldman Creative, is a content marketing consultant, copywriter and creative director. He has authored several advice-packed eBooks to help you grow your business with effective online marketing.