How to Make the Most of Your Newsfeed

September 3, 2013

newsfeed-blog-2Someone recently asked me how I keep myself up-to-date with so much new and interesting content published on SlideShare. The answer was pretty simple: I look to my personalized newsfeed.

The newsfeed comprises the content and social actions of the SlideShare users you follow. There are ways, though, to make your newsfeed even better. Ultimately, the newsfeed feeds you all the content and resources you need -- and never knew you needed! -- to be better in your professional and personal lives. Here’s how to get the most out of your newsfeed:

1. Follow Authors. Lots of Them. Every time I view an interesting presentation, I follow that author and voila! The next time they upload a presentation I automatically see it in my newsfeed. Every time there is a new update in your newsfeed, you see a red notification on the newsfeed icon, located in the right hand corner of the top navigation panel on the SlideShare site (you must be logged in). Just click on it and you will land on your newsfeed to see the latest activities of your network.

newsfeed-blog-22. Connect Your LinkedIn and Facebook Accounts. I think the most interesting thing is the social aspect of the newsfeed. It's fun to watch what my LinkedIn and Facebook friends are doing on SlideShare. Who is posting new content? Who is liking it? What are they saying about various presentations, and what is being re-shared? It's all there in the newsfeed.

The best part is when a friend's content gets featured on the SlideShare homepage. I see a news item for that in my newsfeed and ping them immediately to congratulate them. Of course you need to connect your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with SlideShare to see your friends' activities. Don't worry, we don't publish any actions to your LinkedIn or Facebook feeds unless you permitted us to!

3. Check Out Top Presentations and Influencers. One common complaint we hear is that users don’t see enough content in their newsfeed. To remedy that, we recently added the Top Presentations of the Day to the newsfeed, which features, naturally, some of SlideShare’s top presentations of the day. But remember, if you want to see more content from your network, you must follow more users.

We have also created a SlideShare Influencers page which features some of SlideShare’s top content creators. Just go to the page, follow the users of your choice and start getting their content in your newsfeed. The more people you follow, the more content you’ll have. In my opinion, you can never follow too many people!

So go out there, connect your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with SlideShare, follow some influencers and start enjoying great content in your newsfeed. Have some suggestions? Tell us your feedback in the comments below -- we are listening.