Private Uploads Are Now Easier to Manage

August 23, 2013

At SlideShare, we use the products we build for our users. By using them, we get to experience both the frustration and delight our users experience. Recently, while using the private uploads function available to SlideShare PRO users, we could see a few details which annoyed us as a user.

We immediately got to making it better. Here are some of the things we improved:

“Secret” Links Automatically Generated

A “secret” link, which users can share with those they want to give access to a private presentation, will now be generated by default for all private uploads. Previously, PRO users had to generate a secret link when they wanted to share an upload privately with someone. With the change, we will be generating the secret link every time you upload privately. Users can now also disable the secret link if they don't want people to see the content after a certain point.

Restrict Embeds to Specific Domains

Some PRO users embed their content on an Intranet site, and don’t want it seen elsewhere. Previously, if a user enabled embedding of a private upload, that embed code could be used anywhere on the Web. We now have the option to allow embedding only on specific domains. If someone accidentally gets ahold of a private-upload embed code, he or she will not be able to use it unless it is on one of the permitted domains the uploader has specified.

Easily Set Private Uploads to Go Public

Many PRO users set their private uploads to go public at a certain date and time. We realized that this was difficult to set for different time zones. With the change, the switch from private to public will happen as per the local time the uploader notates. We will also send you a notification as soon as your content becomes public using this feature.

Password Expiry Feature Removed

The 'switch to public'  and 'password expiry' option for private uploads achieved the same goal: to make a private upload public. We decided to drop the password expiry feature, since it was used rarely. However, PRO users will still be able to further secure private content by enabling a password.


Give it a spin and let us know what you think of the simplified private upload settings! Check out the PRO features page to know more about SlideShare PRO.