PRO Analytics Are Now Faster, Simpler, Better

July 25, 2013

blog-analytics-previewData is important, which is why we are excited to announce the re-design and upgrade of our most-used SlideShare PRO feature, Analytics. All PRO users will now have better insight into their SlideShare initiatives, an easier way of viewing those analytics and faster results.

A few things which are new in Analytics 2.0:

Bye-bye Clutter

Introducing a cleaner, simpler interface that helps you better analyze the performance of your content.

New Data Points

See how many people shared your content on LinkedIn, and how clicked on links within your content.

analytics-screenshot2Ability to Drill Down

See trends for a particular presentation, by country or referrer. Then drill down and get analytics on each SlideShare.

Less Waiting Time

Analytics data will now be updated within 24 hours of publishing.

Cool Graphs

With a new graphs function, it’s easy to see how your content is performing. Switch graphs on (and off) for particular data points.
Then download the data as a CSV file, or download the graph as an image and use it for reporting.

sources-2Bots Traffic Removed

Filter out views from search engine crawlers so that you only see actual human views data.

Simply put, Analytics 2.0 is faster, simpler and vastly better than what we had before. The new analytics also gives us the ability to introduce new data points. It's written from scratch on big data architecture, meaning we will be able to provide PRO users with new and exciting ways to slice and dice data. Have a look and let us know what you think!