How to Cultivate a Steady Stream of Leads

July 19, 2013

marketing-channel-lead-generation-toolIt’s no secret: Content marketers are stoked on SlideShare. We’re big fans of the social presentation engine ourselves over at the Content Marketing Institute.

So the excitement is there -- now how do you actually get SlideShare to work for you? There are many best practices, which I will continue to write on for CMI. My latest article, "Use SlideShare to Turn Your Marketing Channels into Lead Gen Tools,” provides step-by-step instructions for cultivating a steady stream of leads. The article details a bunch of fun facts that a lot of people don’t know about SlideShare’s lead generation capabilities, including:

• How to add lead forms using a Pro account

• Why embedding presentations on your blog and over Twitter gets you more leads

• Tips and tricks for creating a steady stream of leads through SlideShare

• How to optimize forms for more effective lead capture

• Why audience segmentation is important for lead generation

There’s a whole lot more in the article, including great screenshots showing how recognizable brands are getting the most out of their SlideShare lead forms. And the advice is for more than just companies—it’s also great for freelancers who want to grow their client base.

I’m planning to put together a few more posts on SlideShare. Keep your eyes open for more SlideShare articles on CMI in the near future.

Mark Sherbin is a freelance writer and contributor to Content Marketing Institute. He specializes in covering technology and content marketing.