5 Ways Media Companies Can Maximize SlideShare

June 24, 2013

motleyFinancial content can often be text-heavy, dense and difficult to read. That’s exactly why the Motley Fool turned to SlideShare.

The financial media company knew it needed to stand out with its content and incorporate more images, charts and visuals to its articles. So they launched a Motley Fool channel on SlideShare to produce and promote visual content.

“What we really liked about SlideShare is it’s an easy way for people to consume a lot of information,” said Katrina Chan, who heads social media for the Motley Fool. “It’s about presenting information in a unique and visual way for the reader.”

Since launching a year ago, the Fool has published 25 presentations that have garnered a total of 1.4 million views. Its most-popular SlideShare, “7 Top Stocks for 2013,” has fetched nearly 350,000 views and more than 1,700 email shares. What’s more: The Fool has expanded and broadened its audience through SlideShare.

“We love to see our content getting in front of people who don’t know as much about the Fool,” Chan says.