The State of Apple: Past, Present and Future

June 11, 2013

appleApple's WWDC yesterday naturally had the world buzzing. What does the release of iOS 7 mean for consumers? Where is the company, and technology, headed? How about competitors?

Of course much of the talk is speculation. But it got us -- and the SlideShare community -- thinking about all things Apple. Here's a look at where the company stands now, its past and what might be in store for the future.

IOS 7 introduces new features, including a revamped design and sharing tools. Here are two decks that take a look at the new mobile operating system:

Amazing how much technology has evolved over the years, huh? It hits you even more when you take a visual stroll through Apple's past 15 years. Have a look:

What's next? The rise of wearable devices have been on the radar of many analysts, and some expect Apple to release a much-anticipated iWatch by the end of the year. Here's one concept for one:

Perhaps the best indicator of what's to come, though, is to look back to the principals of Steve Jobs. Here's an examination of his founding values:

What's your reaction to Apple's announcements? What's your concept for a device? What are best practices for adapting to the latest technologies? Upload and share with us!