A Vision for SlideShare

June 6, 2013

slide-1-638 (46)Nick Decrock has been an avid SlideShare fan -- so much so that he recently uploaded a deck on his own vision for SlideShare. He brings up many good points, and it got us -- and the SlideShare community -- talking. What should be in the future for SlideShare? What should the platform represent and what should it feature? We spoke with Decrock, who elaborated on his vision for the site. He writes:

Could this great presentations platform become even better? And if so, how? The question provokes an answer. Or at least a hint for an answer. Being a busybody that just likes to put his nose into other people’s business, I decided to create and upload a SlideShare with a personal view on the matter. Not because I think SlideShare is not doing well -- on the contrary, I think it’s just on the bridge of becoming THE inspiration platform of the Net.

But, other tools are evolving quickly too, both on a feature front and on a design level. In the ‘Slideshare ReVisited’ presentation, I tried to imagine how SlideShare could be if it were more contemporary, bringing more focus to the amazing, inspiring presentations and contributors out there. Enhancing the conversation and buzz around the slides is another point of interest. It could be the Internet evolved into a social web, where people like to share their opinions, comments and views on any given topic. It would be great if SlideShare would feature this more in the future, don’t you think?