How Achievers Leveraged SlideShare – and LinkedIn – to Increase Lead Gens

June 4, 2013

slide-25-638 (1)When Achievers wanted to up its content marketing efforts to drive more leads, the employee-recognition software company turned to SlideShare. With a strategic launch that took three months to plan, Achievers achieved the success they were looking for: Within a week, the company got dozens of qualified leads from HR executives, along with more referral traffic to its website from SlideShare than any other social media channel. Katie Paterson, social media community manager at Achievers, talked to us about how, exactly, Achievers was able to capitalize with its campaign.

‘More Strategic and Narrow-Focused’ Marketing

With lead generation as the ultimate goal, Achievers knew it needed to establish itself as a thought leader in the industry and put powerful, engaging content in front of the right people. “It was important to us to be thought of as a trailblazer in the industry,” Paterson says. “We thought we could make a big difference.”

The company also wanted to expand its social presence beyond Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and reach a more targeted, B2B audience.

“HR is saturated with content -- launching a campaign on SlideShare was a new way to stand out,” Paterson says. “We will always have Facebook and Twitter, but it became apparent that SlideShare could really drive B2B lead strategy. When people at the office want to see something new, they go to SlideShare. For us, knowing professionals are going to SlideShare every day – it was an avenue we knew we needed and didn’t want to miss.”

A Customized, Multi-Channel Launch

Achievers launched its first presence on SlideShare in mid March, with five presentations specifically designed for the site. “We didn’t want to just drop in existing PowerPoints – we wanted to take best practices of SlideShare and come out with a bang,” Paterson says.

The company looked to a few of its existing thought leadership themes and repurposed those ideas for presentations. Paterson says the team spent the majority of its time thinking about the cover slides – how to make them highly engaging, visually appealing and able to catch someone’s attention. The text for the presentations was written specifically for SlideShare, making sure to keep it “short and digestible.”

Each presentation used SlideShare's ability to include a lead generation form within the presentation, and some included links to past webinars and inforgraphics, as well.

When Achievers launched on SlideShare, it made sure to promote the presentations on all channels -- blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest. The firm also promoted them on an employee level, utilizing LinkedIn, in particular, as a platform for individuals to link to and post the SlideShares for their own professional networks. (SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn.)

The #1 Network for Content Marketing

Paterson says that releasing five presentations at one time helped Achievers quickly build its library of content on SlideShare -- but that next time they would release them one at a time. “Going forward we’ll release one a week at the most, so each presentation get the space it deserves to be viewed and shared,” Paterson says, noting that one of the five presentations got many more views than the other four.

Still, she’s beyond happy with the results: Within seven days of launch, Achievers received so many qualified lead forms filled out by HR executives, they made up 77% of all incoming social media leads that week. The presentations got 42,000 views in the first seven days, and traffic from SlideShare to the Achievers website made up 30% of traffic from social media – beating out Facebook and LinkedIn referral traffic combined. A month after launch, Achievers’ channel on SlideShare has gotten more than 600 social shares.

Paterson says she’s been “wildly impressed” with SlideShare’s analytics tool, and especially likes the ability to track where each presentation has been embedded.  “Views is one thing, but for someone like me, understanding where your presentation was picked up and embedded helps me be more strategic,” she says.

Paterson says Achievers plans to continue publishing on SlideShare about 5-7 times a quarter and wants to explore new content themes and types, including SlideCasts. The company also plans to utilize LinkedIn even more, following the success of embedding SlideShares on employee profile pages. She says there are plans to design presentations specifically for Achievers sales and recruiting employees to post, which will also help with employee branding and social recruiting.

“SlideShare and LinkedIn are now established as the #1 network for social media content marketing strategy,” Paterson says. “We are hitting executives and professionals, which are our qualified market. My network is now more narrow and strategic.”

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