How Achievers Leveraged SlideShare – and LinkedIn – to Increase Lead Gens

June 4, 2013

slide-25-638 (1)When Achievers wanted to up its content marketing efforts to drive more leads, the employee-recognition software company turned to SlideShare. With a strategic launch that took three months to plan, Achievers achieved the success they were looking for: Within a week, the company got dozens of qualified leads from HR executives, along with more referral traffic to its website from SlideShare than any other social media channel. Katie Paterson, social media community manager at Achievers, talked to us about how, exactly, Achievers was able to capitalize with its campaign.

‘More Strategic and Narrow-Focused’ Marketing

With lead generation as the ultimate goal, Achievers knew it needed to establish itself as a thought leader in the industry and put powerful, engaging content in front of the right people. “It was important to us to be thought of as a trailblazer in the industry,” Paterson says. “We thought we could make a big difference.”