Why Work at SlideShare

May 24, 2013

By Lisa Nguyen, Recruiting Associate

What's it like working for SlideShare? Some of our engineers break it down:

Casey Brown: “I work on a product that I believe in. SlideShare is all about spreading knowledge and sharing information. We work in small, focused teams to find meaning in metrics from thousands of sources. We are a culture of talented, highly smart people. Plus, San Francisco is where it is at, yo!” 

Sylvain Kalache: “There is not much hierarchy here. If there is a problem, you are empowered to find the solution yourself instead of having someone tell you what to do. You get the best of both worlds here -- working for a fast pace, start-up culture backed up by the resources of LinkedIn.”

Chris Ahlers:  “We get to work with Amazon Web Services, performance optimization, spam fighting, mobile-apps and popular open-source technologies. We ship fast and frequently; our engineers enjoy the exposure to our full technical stack. You can really make an impact and get a sense of purpose working here.”

Sound like fun? Good news! We're looking for great engineers to join our team.

Currently, we have these job openings in our San Francisco office:

We look forward to hearing from you!