How Marketo Turns SlideShares Into Sales

May 7, 2013

In nine months, marketing automation software company Marketo has gotten nearly 1 millions views, received more than 6,100 lead forms and identified 117 sales opportunities – all from SlideShare. In fact, the company had such success generating sales leads through the site, it recently published an e-book on top tips for engaging potential customers on SlideShare.

Marketo’s social media strategist Jason Miller estimates that the leads generated from SlideShare in the past nine months are equivalent to more than $508,000 in the pipeline. “SlideShare is the #1 ROI tool for people already in the sales funnel,” Miller says. “It accelerates the buying process.”

How exactly does Marketo make such magic? Miller points to a SlideShare on visual content marketing the company published last June as an example of how they put their tips to action. He explains:

What was the idea behind this presentation?

Miller: The ultimate purpose for Marketo is to be thought of as a thought leader in the content marketing world. Obviously, to do this, we need great content. We also need to take a step forward in the conversation – what’s the next step in our industry? Back then, we decided visual content would be the next big thing. So we had the idea for this thought leadership piece and thought, what better strategy is there to communicate this than with SlideShare? We wanted to lead by example.

How did you put the presentation together?

Miller: The image is now your new headline – that’s how we think of content. We first developed the content and came up with an art deco theme to make it fun and inviting, but at the same time informational. We wanted to make the presentation self-guided and -contained, so the reader doesn’t need any additional material to understand it. We hired Column Five Media to custom design the presentation for SlideShare.  Ultimately, we wanted people to want to share it because it’s that cool.

How did you disseminate it?

Miller: We put advertising behind it -- social ads on Facebook and Twitter. We presented it at Dreamforce. We took it on the road, to 10-12 road shows. We put it in emails. The presentation was definitely part of something bigger – we put it across all our campaigns.

Sending out a white paper is so 2005 – nobody wants to click on that. Give them something cool, different -- something visual and engaging.

What’s your #1 tip for people looking to replicate your success on SlideShare?

Miller: Invest in your account and get lead gen forms turned on. If someone is interested and they click through your presentation, they find enough value in it to want to give you their email and download it.  Also, if you don’t have a presence on every single social channel, you’re missing opportunities.