Top 10 most popular SlideShare blog posts of 2012

January 31, 2013

Top 10 of 2012With views totaling in the hundreds of thousands, these are the most popular blog posts from last year. If you look closely, you'll notice a trend.

It is clear from the results that you, our SlideShare community, are actively invested in becoming stronger presenters, creating the best content possible, and becoming more influential in your use of SlideShare. These articles are full of tips and best practices to do exactly that.

Here are your favorite blog posts from 2012:

1. 5 Tips for Presenting to Executives - Bruce Gabrielle

2. Tara Hunt: 3 ways SlideShare helped me grow as a speaker - Tara Hunt

3. 7 secrets to becoming a SlideShare power user - Ross Mayfield

4. SlideShare and LinkedIn sitting in a tree… - Rashmi Sinha

5. Transform Your Website Into a Customer Attraction Force Field with Magnetic Content - Barry Feldman

6. What Exactly is Content Marketing and How Does It Benefit Your Business? - Joseph Putnam

7. The eBook is the Stud in Your Content Marketing Stable - Barry Feldman

8. Zeitgeist 2011 – a year of changes in presentation trends - Kit Seeborg

9. Use new embed codes for HTML5 presentations that play everywhere - Kit Seeborg

10. 5 ways SlideShare can rock your company, from Slides That Rock - Tomas Bay