Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz recommends including presentations in content marketing and SEO strategy

January 23, 2013

Rand FishkinRand Fishkin is the founder and CEO of SEOmoz, a search optimization and social monitoring software company in Seattle, Washington. Rand and the SEOmoz team are active users of SlideShare, both for their individual public speaking appearances and for their event, MOZCon. Just returning from New Media Expo, Rand took time out to talk about how he uses SlideShare and why it is an essential element of SEOmoz’s inbound marketing strategy.

SEOmoz has a strong belief that sharing information and best practices is good for everyone. From Whiteboard Fridays and MozCon to the dozens of presentations Rand has published on SlideShare, there is a plethora of guidance for everything from creating strong presentations to SEO strategy. For example, his SlideShare classic, “Making Presentations Better”:

[slideshare id=9144666&doc=making-better-presentations-110906013025-phpapp01]

Give your slideshow traffic a boost during live events

When it comes to presenting live, Rand says to make sure to have a compelling title and a good first slide. On the opening slide he always includes a shortened link to the presentation:

Rand Fishkin SEOmoz
Same for the closing slide:

Rand Fishkin SEOmoz
Rand gets the most he can out of SlideShare’s network when presenting to a live audience. He makes all the slides available to download and has found that the audience starts sharing the content right away.

“I tweet the link to my SlideShare as I’m going on stage. I include the url of the deck in the presentation itself. I also tell the audience, ‘If you enjoyed this talk, please share the presentation on social media with the download link’. This creates a ton more sharing activity.”

Increase your reach by embedding presentations

There are many other ways to generate traffic from your presentations. Rand has found that it is valuable to promote his SlideShare presentations externally, from locations other than the SlideShare website:

“One of the most valuable ways to generate traffic is to get someone to embed your presentation on their site. The views go through the roof, and the brand is reaching more people.

“SlideShare is an automatic way to share more than just on my own website. It has its own network. I include it with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in my thinking.

It’s an easy medium to post to, plus SlideShare has high domain authority. It doesn’t take a lot of links if you use the right keywords. Embedding helps your slidedeck rank better. Do both, upload to SlideShare then embed the presentation on your blog.”

Your SEO ranking will benefit from publishing on SlideShare

Another tip from Rand is to include links to other websites within your slidedeck. Rand says, “I know I’m making friends with everyone who is linked in my slideshow. They express thanks on Twitter and often reciprocate. In addition, there are 20 to 30% who will point back to articles I’ve written or tools on my site, sending traffic back to where it can convert to sales.” This is particularly important to SEOmoz, which relies on inbound marketing for all of its sales.

Rand explains, “SlideShare automatically transcribes the text in your presentation when you upload. This makes it easy for search engines to find you. If you have given a live presentation, and your slidedeck contains mostly images and not enough text to give it context, add your own script transcription. This will help your SEO.“