LinkedIn Inday : What can SlideShare learn from other organizations?

January 21, 2013

InDay is a special day at LinkedIn where employees are given a chance to be creative and work on inspirational projects. All employees and interns are encouraged to participate and interact across the organization. The theme for January was Learning and the SlideShare Delhi team participated with a slight twist - we had a team session of 5x5 style presentations centered around learning.

We have a diverse and talented team at SlideShare, many of whom have worked at reputed organisations previously. So we thought - what can SlideShare learn from other organizations where our employees have worked before?

We asked the employees to deliver a 5x5 style presentation about their previous experiences and what they learnt from those. And this idea led to a lot of enthusiastic volunteers ready to share their “would be nice bits”… right from awesome food to importance of cross team interaction to more robust testing infrastructure to the gender ratio of (atleast) 35% of female employees! and many more. For a visual summary, check out this deck..

While we had a good laugh over snacks/food, we also learnt some practical yet simple things that SlideShare can implement. The employees who volunteered included members of our engineering team - Apoorvi Kapoor, Hitesh Sharma and Saptarshi Chatterjee. Also two of our product managers - Ruchi Garg and Arpit Dhariwal. They shared learnings from the companies where they had previously worked.

It was a great way to learn from fellow team members and know about their past stories and their inspirations. While we take on the challenges of the new year that lie ahead, 'LearnIn' gave us a chance to reflect on the past, introspect and learn from others. We're already looking forward to next month's Inday.

Also we'd like to shout out for 5X5 style presentations. They are fun. Highly recommended!

Rashi Shukla
Team HR - SlideShare