Haiku Deck + Slideshare = The Fast Track to Slide Stardom

December 13, 2012

Slidesharers, you should know that you have totally inspired us. Every time we visit, we discover amazing storytellers and fresh new ways to communicate. We’re often amazed by the beautifully designed decks we find as we browse the site.

We also know that many mere mortals struggle to make their stories look as good as those professionally designed ones. So we set out to make a tool that would take the design hocus-pocus out of the process. We wanted to offer a simple, fun way for anybody to create flawlessly beautiful presentations. The result is Haiku Deck, and we’d like to invite you to give it a spin.

When you try out our free iPad app, we think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can produce slides that look like they were professionally designed. We’re talking about the kind of slides make you feel like a total rock star. The kind of slides that get lots of views on Slideshare.

That’s why we’re so excited about our new seamless integration with Slideshare. Create your rock-star slides with Haiku Deck, then upload them to your SlideShare account for the fast track to slide stardom:

Uploading Your Haiku Deck To SlideShare
  1. Every Haiku Deck you create generates a web link when you publish it. You can email a deck to yourself right from the app, and then click through to view it on our website. (Be sure to sign in to the Haiku Deck website the same way you sign in to Haiku Deck on your iPad.)
  2. Locate the buttons immediately below your deck, and click "SHARE."

    Haiku Deck

  3. A pop-up window will appear.

Type in your SlideShare username and password, click "SHARE," and a PDF of your deck will be automatically uploaded to your Slideshare profile.

You can then click through to your deck on SlideShare to add a description, tags, and category, all of which help your great ideas get discovered.

What kinds of Haiku Decks work well on SlideShare? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Create an “About Me” Haiku Deck to make your SlideShare profile stand out, like this one, by Haiku Deck CEO and co-founder Adam Tratt.
  2. Create a Haiku Deck that demonstrates your expertise, like Social Media Distilled, by Janet Fouts.
  3. Create a Haiku Deck summarizing a favorite book or blog post, like How Ideas Take Flight, by Catherine Carr.

For more inspiration, you can take a spin through more examples on the Haiku Deck SlideShare page. You can also check out Powerful Presentations, a Haiku Deck we created to share our best tips for standout presentations.

That’s the Ticket
With Haiku Deck, wrestling with formatting or large files is no longer a soul-sucking, hours-long test of endurance. Instead, you’re free to think of new stories you want to tell, upload more Haiku Decks to SlideShare, and (hey, we’ve done it, too) refresh your profile to see just how much love your rock-star slides are getting.

And if you have a question, we’re here to help--please feel free to tweet us @haikudeck or drop us a line: info@haikudeck.com.

The world is waiting, SlideSharers. Time to set your story free!

Team Haiku Deck