Sharing presentations increases engagement

November 29, 2012

Here at SlideShare, we can clearly see the influence that popular presentations have on the greater SlideShare audience to further explore ideas and concepts. Taking an existing presentation to the next level, either creatively or intellectually, inspires interaction and gives new momentum to the original content.

Bruce Gabrielle recently uploaded this presentation which he embedded in his very popular blog post, 5 Tips For Presenting to Executives. Bruce’s slideshow caught the attention of Dirk Hannemann of Berlin, Germany who then built upon the presentation's salient points and created a video of his own.

Dirk Hannemann

Thankfully, the days of closely guarded content are nearly gone. Bruce was flattered that his slideshow provided inspiration for continued exploration. So much so that he posted a follow-up article on his own blog, sharing Dirk’s video with his audience.

Bruce Gabrielle - Speaking PPT

Dirk Hannemann

Are you inspired by the presentations of other SlideShare community members? Make sure you’re following them so their new uploads and favorites appear in your SlideShare newsfeed. Reach out to those who inspire you, share and build upon the ideas that have an impact on your thinking and actions.

If you'd like to use someone else's existing content, be sure to contact the originator for permission, or follow the Creative Commons Licensing guidelines.

It's exciting to be swimming and sharing together in this rising tide as it lifts all boats. Jump in, the water’s warm.