KISSmetrics shares SlideShare tips for marketers

November 27, 2012

KISSmetricsWe’re big fans of our friends at KISSmetrics. So when a guest post about SlideShare by Mauro D’Andrea appeared on the KISSmetrics blog, we noticed right away! In his article The Marketer’s Guide To SlideShare, Mauro presents a well thought out summary of his observations and experience using SlideShare as a marketer.

Mauro has embedded no fewer than 8 presentations in his post. He also includes many screenshots of SlideShare community favorites as great examples to illustrate his points.

“Your presentations have to be magnets. They have to grab people’s attention from the start to the end…Think of your presentation like an engine: if one piece is broken, the engine won’t work properly…or won’t work at all!”

Mauro lists what he considers are the 3 most effective types of (marketing) content in SlideShare presentations: 1) Show something shocking 2) Explain useful information 3) Evoke emotions.

You can add Timeliness and Relevance to this list. If there is a current event, product launch or news story that the world is watching, traffic for presentations about that topic will go through the roof, ie. London Summer Olympics, US presidential election, South by Southwest, the passing of Steve Jobs.

Mauro's article is full of tips like this:

“Let’s say that you want a high ranking for the keyword “landing page optimization.” It’s pretty tough to rank at first place for that keyword. If you make a presentation on SlideShare that is called “10 Easy Steps to Landing Page Optimization,” you will have an easier task.”

We’d like to correct an assumption made in another recent blog post and referenced by Mauro. The “Hot On” sections reflect the traffic and activity of presentations on the various social platforms. But the “Featured” and “Presentation of the Day” presentations are hand-curated every day by the SlideShare editorial team. In order to be featured on the SlideShare home page, keep creating well-designed, useful, relevant presentations. Your content and design will catch the team’s attention.

Mauro also dives into the importance of social sharing. How to build brand awareness, grow your followers, and other how-to topics are included in the article.

What a treat to see so many successful presentations embedded in the KISSmetrics blog post with terrific tips for getting the most out of SlideShare. Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.