Meet Thirst, Shift Happens, Footnotes & Panipuri

September 12, 2012

Some name it after mountains, planets or Greek Gods. Others run contests or scout community forums to harness the wisdom of the crowds.

What are we talking here - its conference room names. But at SlideShare we didn't have to look far to solve this problem.

At Delhi, SlideShare recently moved into a larger office that has four conference rooms. Our hunt for their names started with wacky/weird options. And then in a Eureka moment it occurred to us - why not name them after some of our SlideShare decks that have achieved iconic status. What better way to recognize these immensely popular, evergreen decks (and their creators) than this. The result is below... (all four decks are previous winners of SlideShare World's Best Presentation Contests)

Footnotes is our biggest conf room - it can seat 20 people, has large French windows, overlooks a small green lawn and is the lifeblood of our Delhi-San Francisco team meetings. Shift Happens and Panipuri are two smaller conf rooms located near the reception area- mostly for visitors, admin folks etc. And Thirst is a small conf room that the engineers crowd around all day long (its near the engineers bay).

If you are passing by Delhi, you're invited to the SlideShare office. We'll show you around the rooms.