Before and after: Facebook 2004 media kit redesign

August 30, 2012

Designers and creatives have been examining and building upon the work of their predecessors for hundreds of years. By deconstructing creative works, then applying new techniques and best practices, designers continue to evolve and enrich the way we experience information.

Brazilian presentation design and marketing agency MonkeyBusiness took on the original 2004 Facebook Media Kit as an exercise in redesign. The media kit was originally created by Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook's four co-founders. He developed it in 2004, while still an economics student at Harvard. Notice how MonkeyBusiness uses color to make the hand-drawn edits pop out from the black and white original.

Monkey Business redesign of Facebook media kit
The slidedeck presentation from MonkeyBusiness includes hand drawn edits which walk the viewer through the material analysis – the thought process of reorganizing and redesigning the information. Then the “after” version is shown, demonstrating the updated organization and design of the content.

[slideshare id=14042214&doc=facebookes2004-120822122815-phpapp01]
As MonkeyBusiness shows us here, a presentation is worth a thousand words. Do you use the before and after technique to help your clients visualize the improvements you can make to their content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.