How to Use SlideShare to Inspire Blog Post Ideas

August 10, 2012

A lot of bloggers have similar frustrations when it comes to blogging.

This list includes things like not liking their current theme, not having enough time to write, and not knowing what to write about. Out of these three, the last seems to be the biggest frustration.

Lots of ideasAs long as there’s something to write about, most bloggers don’t have any trouble writing a post. But finding those elusive golden ideas can be a challenge.

Ideas also happen to be super important for bloggers. Why? Because ideas are the currency of every writer. Without good ideas, writers don’t have anything to write about. Often, the challenge isn’t writing well enough or polishing prose to be perfect but finding ideas worth writing about and ideas that people want to read.

So how can bloggers use SlideShare to come up with more ideas?

SlideShare to the rescue

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re a blogger who writes about marketing. You’re struggling with finding new blog post ideas so you turn to SlideShare for inspiration.

As you’re perusing the presentations, you find one titled “The Content Marketing Manifesto.” It was created by a guy you’ve heard of named Rand Fishkin who’s known for his SEO and marketing advice. Since SEO and marketing is something you write about, you decide to check out the presentation.

As you click through the slides, you’re first blown away by how awesome the content is. You have thoughts like this: “Wow, I didn’t know that people are putting up free information like this on SlideShare,” and, “Whoa, I had no idea that I could learn this much by just reading presentation slides.”

You keep clicking and continue to be impressed with how much awesome information is being presented. Then you come across slide number 27. It says, “Don’t get sidetracked by relevance.”

Wait a second, what do you mean, “don’t get sidetracked by relevance”? Isn’t that what content marketing is all about? Isn’t relevance the whole point? So you click to the next slide to learn more. It contains a relevance scale that says:

The Relevance Scale: Relevant to Current Customers, Relevant to Potential Customers, and Relevant to Any Who Interact w/ Potential Customers

After reading this, you’re blown away. “I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. I’ve been creating content for current customers and potential customers, but I didn’t think about how beneficial it would be to create content for anyone who interacts with potential customers. That changes everything.”

Now, you’re totally inspired. You start to tell yourself, “Wow, I’ve got to write about this. I’ve got to write a post that explains that content marketing shouldn’t just be for potential customers; it should also be for anyone who might influence potential customers. I need to right this post right now!”

So you switch over to your Wordpress dashboard, start writing, and crank out a 750 to 800 word post explaining to the world the content marketing revelation you’ve just experienced. But the process doesn’t stop here.

After writing the post, you realize that you can also embed the presentation into your post. Not only can you write about it, but SlideShare makes it super easy to embed presentations into posts. Voila! Now you’ve written an awesome post from an idea you found on SlideShare, and you have a presentation you can add to visually spice up the post.

Woohoo! You’re such an awesome blogger! Everyone thinks you have so many good ideas to write about!

Ahem, sorry about that, we got a little carried away there, but the point still holds: SlideShare helped you identify a blog post idea, write the post, and even added some spice at the end. How cool is that?

So the next time you’re looking for blog posts ideas, you’re invited to come over to SlideShare and look around at the presentations related to your field. If you’re lucky, you’ll find more than one idea and have enough to last for a month or more. Good luck!

p.s. If you want to view the content marketing presentation mentioned above, you can do so here: The Content Marekting Manifesto.

Joseph PutnamAbout the author: Joseph Putnam is a freelance copywriter and the proud owner of 5 North Marketing. You can subscribe to his blog to learn more about marketing or keep up with him on Twitter @josephputnam.