8 Ways to Use the Power of Pinterest and SlideShare to Grow Your Business and Expand Your Speaking Career

July 23, 2012

Editor's Note: In this guest post, Beth Hayden shares tips for using Pinterest with SlideShare, based on the concepts in her new book: Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest.

With the recent integration of Pinterest into the SlideShare platform, it’s even easier to collaboratively use the two social media platforms to get your message out to the world.

But how can you use these two powerful tools together to get the absolute best bang for your marketing buck? Here are some ideas to get you thinking about cool ways to use Pinterest and SlideShare together:

1. Practice content curation. One of the most effective ways to use Pinterest is to establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field, and the best way to do this is by becoming a content curator on your topic. Hand-pick the best blog posts, web pages, images and presentations and pin them to your Pinterest boards.

I highly recommend regularly visiting SlideShare to find great content to pin. SlideShare users are publishing incredibly valuable information in their slide decks – make sure you’re pinning all the great presentations that you can! The other big bonus to pinning SlideShare presentations is that not many people are doing it. There just aren’t many people taking advantage of the power of SlideShare on their Pinterest boards. So your awesome SlideShare pins will stand out even more in an ocean of tired re-pinned images of Ryan Gosling.

You can pin presentations to your existing boards on your topic, or create dedicated pinboards that only include SlideShare decks.

2. Book more speaking engagements by pinning sample presentations from speeches, talks, panels, trainings and keynotes. You probably already put your presentations up on SlideShare as soon as you’re done with a speech. Why not create a Pinterest board dedicated to your very best SlideShare decks?

Whenever an organization asks to see samples of your work, you can send a link to your “portfolio” pinboard. It’s an impressive way to present your presentations on a particular topic in an attractive format.

You could even take this idea one step further (as architect, educator and marketer Mark Johnson, FAIA did and create an entire Pinterest resume — complete with links to your very best presentations on SlideShare, of course!)

[slideshare id=13659146&doc=markitectpinterestyourresume-120716140434-phpapp01]

3. Use Pinterest to distribute and publicize your SlideShare presentations. Pinterest currently drives more referral traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, Linkedin or YouTube. Why not leverage that referral traffic potential to drive visitors to your SlideShare channel? All you need to do is pin your newest presentations to your Pinterest boards, just like you would Tweet them or share them on Facebook or LinkedIn!

4. Use SlideShare to distribute and publicize your Pinterest content. This technique works in reverse, too! You can create a SlideShare presentation about what you’re doing on Pinterest, and how it’s working for you.

People are hankering for new and interesting ways to use Pinterest for marketing their message. If you create an instructional presentation that includes new Pinterest techniques (and include a link to your Pinterest profile URL at the end) you’re bound to pick up some new followers. You’ll get views for your SlideShare presentation AND build your Pinterest platform, too!

5. Drive people to your mailing list offers. When you’re giving away a free report, video or other freebie on your website or blog, make sure to add that offer to the last page of your SlideShare presentation.

If it’s done in a compelling way using good copywriting techniques, your Pinterest followers will want to go to your website and sign up for your list. This is a great way of building your email list without being overly sales-y or pushy.

6. Create collaborative boards for conferences. When you’re speaking at conferences and events, pin your SlideShare presentations from the events! You can also invite other presenters and speakers to pin their presentations from the conference, too – you can even ask them to be collaborators on your Pinterest boards so they can upload their photos and resources, too.

7. Use Pinterest to help you find your presentation voice and personality. Tara Hunt recently did a guest post on this blog about how she used SlideShare to develop her personal presentation style (and build her speaking career.)

Pinterest can also be a phenomenal source of inspiration to help you develop your personal speaking style. Look for hints from your muse by regularly using Pinterest to collect ideas, quotes, images and presentations that inspire you – then revisit those inspirational boards when you’re ready to write your presentation and create your slides.

8. Create a dedicated board that tells the story of your business, how your company was founded, and what your values are. A SlideShare presentation that include your staff’s photos and bios or behind-the-scenes photos, and pin them to your company story board. Make sure to include customer success stories, too!

Pinterest and SlideShare – So Happy Together

With the newest collaboration tools between Pinterest and SlideShare, I think we’re about to see an explosion of creative, unique ways to use the two tools collaboratively to grow ours businesses, get more leads for our speaking careers, and get our messages out to the world.

What new and unique methods are you using to use Pinterest and SlideShare together?

Beth HaydenBeth Hayden is a social media expert and author of Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest. She is regular contributor to the web's top social media blogs, including Copyblogger.com and Problogger.com. Beth frequently speaks about blogging, content marketing and Pinterest at conferences and events. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.