Use new embed codes for HTML5 presentations that play everywhere

July 20, 2012

As part of our transition to HTML5, we are pleased to let you know that embedded presentations are now Flash-free. We have also made several other improvements to our embed code:

  • Embedded presentations can be viewed on iOS devices
  • New features in embedded presentations will be updated dynamically
  • The embed code is shorter and simpler
  • The embed has new Twitter and Facebook share buttons (we find that presentations with share buttons get shared 30% more)

Update your embed code to get all this goodness.

If you have embedded presentations on your own blog or website, here’s how to update the embed code:

  1. go to the embedded presentation’s page on SlideShare
  2. click on <>Embed at the top right of the player
  3. click on Copy to get your new embed code
  4. paste the code into your website html, replacing the old embed code

Your presentation will not change, but the embedded presentation will be kicked up a notch and the HTML5 will allow more viewers to see it.

If the presentations are embedded on someone else’s website or blog, it’s worth taking a minute to drop them a line and ask them to update, following the steps above. If an embedded presentation isn’t updated, no harm no foul. It will keep playing as before, but won’t have the advantages of HTML5.

Please note: If you have presentations embedded in a WordPress blog, hang on just a little while longer. The embed code for WordPress will be updated soon, and we'll let you know when it's ready.

We appreciate how you, the SlideShare Community, have worked with us and given great feedback about our HTML5 migration. Thanks!