How to pin SlideShare presentations to your Pinterest boards

July 17, 2012

PinterestHere at SlideShare we are excited about the ways that business is becoming more visual. When we announced our recent integration with Pinterest, some of you asked for more details about how to pin SlideShare presentations to your Pinterest boards. Fair enough, let’s walk through the steps for pinning a SlideShare presentation to Pinterest.

  1. Request an invitation to join Pinterest
  2. Log in to your Pinterest account
  3. Add the “Pin it” button to your browser's toolbar like this:

    Install the Pin It button

  4. Follow the instructions to create Pinterest “boards” for topics that interest you or are relevant to your organization
  5. Search or browse presentations on SlideShare
  6. When you find a presentation you like, click on the ‘Pin It’ button that you installed on your toolbar.
  7. A ‘Pin It’ box appears (in this example we’re pinning Scott Schwertly’s Ethos 3 presentation)

    Pinning a SlideShare presentation

  8. Add or edit the text description if you’d like.
  9. Select one of your Pinterest boards to pin to (in this example we’re pinning it to SlideShare's “Books on Speaking and Presentations” board), and click the red button to pin it.

Shazam! The SlideShare presentation that you’ve just pinned shows up on your board, right along with your other pins. Pinterest now displays attriibution (in other words the SlideShare account name) under the pinned image. You can even comment on the presentation right on your Pinterest board.

Oh, there’s one more thing. You’ll be asked if you want to share your pin on Twitter or Facebook - well, of course!

To get started with Pinterest for your company or organization, have a clear idea of what purpose it will serve in your overall content marketing strategy. We’ll be sharing more about using Pinterest with SlideShare in the coming weeks. Have an idea or question you'd like us to explore? Leave us a comment to let us know.