Calling all women hackers: DevelopHer Delhi Hackday

June 24, 2012

I am excited to announce DevelopHer Hackday in Delhi. This is being done in parallel with the DevelopHer Hackday in Mountain View organized by LinkedIn.

So, what is a hackday? A hackday is a fun, geeky, collaborative and semi-competitive event. The goal is to let engineers and designers showcase their innovative ideas and coding abilities by building a hack (rapid prototype or demo) during a short period.

Why a hackday for women? Because, there is no better way than a hackday to highlight and celebrate women hackers and creators, and to encourage women who are watching from the sidelines to join in.

The hackday is being held from Saturday June 30th to Sunday July 1st. Registration is free, and food will be provided. We will have great prizes (Apple products) for teams in first and second place.

We welcome all women developers, coders and designers to register. Working professionals and students alike are encouraged to participate. Women from anywhere in India can join in, but you must be physically present to participate.

Signup now to reserve your spot since we have very limited seats.

Happy Hacking!