Mashable finds 8 reasons for marketers to love SlideShare

May 8, 2012

It can be overwhelming to keep track of all the ways and places to market your business. Should SEO get as much attention as mobile? What's the best way to reach the press? And what about all those bloggers?! On Mashable, Joe Chernov, VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua, explores 8 Ways to Get the Biggest Marketing Bang Out of SlideShare. You don't need to run all around the Internet. Just use SlideShare as your one-stop-shop as Joe describes in these 8 points:

  1. An SEO End-Around
  2. A Surprising Source of Referral Traffic
  3. A Bridge to Press and Bloggers
  4. A Hub for Leads
  5. Great Social Integration
  6. The “Everywhere” USB Drive
  7. A Supportive Community
  8. The Foundation for Personal Branding

To get the whole shebang, we recommend you read the entire article on Mashable. Joe closes with this thought for marketers:

"...many marketers are unsure of what to do on SlideShare beyond uploading PowerPoints. The social platform is much more than the Web’s largest archive of presentations, PDFs, and videos. It’s also a vibrant, mobile-friendly, Google-indexed community frequented by reporters, buyers, and senior executives."

Are you using SlideShare in a new and interesting way? Please share with the SlideShare community by leaving a comment below.