5 ways SlideShare can rock your company, from Slides That Rock

April 23, 2012

Editor's note: Slides That Rock designs presentations that regularly catch our eye. Strong design elements and smart subject matter have landed their presentations on the SlideShare home page more than a couple times. Based in Hong Kong, founder Tomas Bay recently told us how using SlideShare has taken them to 'the next level'. Interested in using SlideShare to grow your business? Take a look at these 5 ways Slides That Rock has rocked SlideShare throughout its business.

Slides That Rock1. SlideShare has given us a place to learn even more. We are the best in Hong Kong (as far as we know). We have been the ones teaching others while 'only' learning through books by leaders such as Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds. SlideShare has given us a platform where we can learn from so many more people. Different styles and different approaches. David Crandall and Jesse Desjardins are just two examples. There are many more.

2. SlideShare has allowed us to build a much better network. In today’s world, at least among the smaller players, there is much more focus on collaboration. We are now directly linked to most of our friendly competitors and it's awesome.

3. SlideShare has allowed us to have a global presence. By putting our presentations on SlideShare, we suddenly have an audience from all over the world. Probably due to our approach and style, this has attracted mainly American clients. With the use of Dropbox, PayPal and Skype, serving clients in other parts of the world is actually really easy.

[slideshare id=9659045&doc=slidesthatrockpdf-111012082418-phpapp02]
4. SlideShare is our marketing platform. Related to point number two, we don't spend any money on marketing. All the presentations we have posted have been for the SlideShare audience. We rely on clients finding us through SlideShare and they especially react to our presentation about our design principles. Although the presentation was never featured as the 'Top Presentation of the Day' it has steadily received thousands of views, now over 47,000. It has been featured most recently in Liz Nogonzi's case study. The design principles presentation is our most important marketing tool and again, it's only possible through SlideShare.

5. SlideShare recognition adds credibility. Most of our presentations have been 'Top Presentation of Day' or 'Featured' on SlideShare. That has added credibility to our work. Again, that helps our marketing efforts and how we are respected in the community.

Thanks to Slides That Rock for sharing these great ideas. Does your business have a 'best practices' presentation on SlideShare? Identify what differentiates your firm from your competitors, and strut your stuff with a freshly uploaded presentation!