Non-profit increases its reach and legacy with presentations

March 22, 2012

The Nonprofit Technology Network, NTEN, is a membership organization that works with the community of technologists who serve non profits. NTEN helps its members in a number of ways - by educating them about use of technology as well as spearheading research and advocacy for non profits. Throughout the year, NTEN works with nonprofits, and also the vendors who serve non profits.

NTENIn 2000, NTEN launched its first conference, now called the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). The NTC has grown steadily, breaking an attendance record in 2011 of more than 2,000 participants. This year's NTC, which takes place April 3-5, will feature nearly 100 breakout sessions, networking events and hands-on trainings.

The Challenge

How does an organization store information from year to year in a manner that’s searchable and takes the onus off of staff for handling the 100+ presentations per event?

The Solution

With its SlideShare event channels, NTEN is able to provide a one-stop-shop for all of its conference presentations. In the new book ‘101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits’ NTEN’s program director Anna Richter says,
101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

“Collecting the presentations in one central place online allows us to share them with NTC attendees and non-attendees alike. For the presentations we are able to place online prior to the conference, it allows attendees to follow along during session on their laptops or to print out materials on their own to take notes. Post-event, we point folks to SlideShare as one of the places they can go and see what was presented at the NTC.” Anecdotally we will get folks interested in the NTC and NTEN because they have stumbled across a presentation from the conference on SlideShare.”

Executive Director Holly Ross shares,

“We’re a little more tech savvy than most organizations, it’s been really easy to get speakers to upload. We embed the presentations, which brings traffic to the site and views to the presentations. We assign a hashtag to every webinar and conference – specific to the year. And it helps us organize. We’ve done that since 2007. We often aggregate the tag so during the conference people can see presentations as they are posted.”

The Results

SlideShare makes it easier and less time consuming for staff to publish prsentations and for the audience to find them. In 2010, 59 conference slideshows were uploaded and in 2011, 71 slideshows were uploaded.
NTEN staff

Having the presentations in one place makes it possible to share information from NTC with members who could not attend, and to maintain momentum throughout the year. It’s been helpful for staff in planning future programs and selecting speakers. In fact, NTEN uses SlideShare in the speaker selection process, viewing past presentations from potential speakers. And for members of NTEN’s staff who do public speaking, it provides a good archive.

Holly goes on to say,

“We can tell anecdotally that people are finding out more about the show. It helps us reach a new audience. It’s not just a promotional message, it’s REAL content. So when we look at our website analytics of the people who come from SlideShare, we find that they spend more time on our site.

“There are a lot of unexplored applications of SlideShare for non-profits. Public education is a part of non-profits in the field - it’s always helpful to convey specific information to specific audiences. Having a collection of presentations for your volunteers is really useful, for board members, too. It’s another way to communicate to those specific audiences. Make a recording of a volunteer orientation and have it on SlideShare.”

The benefits of using SlideShare have spread to NTEN's membership community. NTEN member Carolyn Appleton describes how she uses SlideShare:

“What the organizations may or may not know, is that I have also forwarded links to their campaign slideshows to potential donors with whom I have worked in years past, and the beauty of SlideShare is these prospective contributors can view the information at their leisure, from any location with Internet access - and it doesn't include a heavy packet of (necessary but cumbersome), grant documentation.”

Do you manage or belong to a non-profit organization? Try using NTEN’s ideas for getting the most out of your SlideShare channel.