PowerPoint will never look the same, thanks to Duarte's Diagrammer

March 15, 2012

This week Nancy Duarte and her design team launched a new online store, Diagrammer. For 99 cents per download, you can now access world-class diagrams, edit and add them to your presentations. Duarte Inc. is widely known for their quality presentation design, notably working with Al Gore to develop the presentation that became the Academy Award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Nancy took time to tell us about Diagrammer, and the inspiration for such an innovative online service.

When the book 'slide:ology' was published, everyone's favorite chapter was the one about diagrams. People would write to Nancy and her team, asking where they could find diagrams that would illustrate concepts for their presentations.

"Shapes and their relationships with each other creates meaning – there are a lot of things we communicate in business that are invisible. But we have to use shapes to show how they work or how they relate to each other." ~Nancy Duarte

Two years ago, Nancy started meticulously going through twenty two years of diagrams from past client projects. She and her assistants "literally cut them into little pieces," made copies, then put them into Illustrator and finally into PowerPoint. (Can you even imagine the thousands of hours it took to do this very tedious work?) The end result is a taxonomy of 4000 diagrams, all fully editable, and now available to download.

Diagrammer has been getting rave reviews in the press, including an article by Bruce Upbin in Forbes. The best way to get familiar with Diagrammer is to jump in, download a few diagrams and start creating the images you've always wanted for your presentations. But first, take a couple of minutes to watch this fun, introductory video about Diagrammer:

The Diagrammer taxonomy acts as a wizard, walking you through the selection process to find just the right diagram for each business purpose.

"The big thing for me is if you’re a salesperson and you need a concept for three things that merge, you can enter the requirements and press go. It’s that easy." ~Nancy Duarte

Nancy tells us that her team will continue to add new diagrams to the inventory, and plans to come up with more categories. If you incorporate a Diagrammer diagram into a presentation, please add the tag 'diagrammer' when you upload it to SlideShare. We, and Nancy's team, are excited to see how the diagrams are used.

Happy Diagramming!