Capture more views with a snappy title

February 6, 2012

Take a look at a few presentations on SlideShare and you'll recognize the importance of a title. Think of your presentation title as its tagline - the quick pitch that gets someone to view, share, favorite, embed and download your presentation. You'll want your title to be punchy!

How your presentation gets its SlideShare title
When you upload a presentation, the ' title' is automatically filled in based on the presentation's file name. The text in your presentation slide does not generate a title on SlideShare. Even if you have a catchy title on your opening slide, our uploader won't see it - only the filename. You will want to double check the "TITLE" text field, then type in the title you would like viewers to see.
(See "Change the title HERE" in the image below.)

Change the title in the SlideShare uploader

Need some inspiration for a catchy title? Look at the 'Featured Presentations' section on our home page for wording ideas. You'll notice what catches the eye, and that long titles often don't display in their entirety. If your original title is lengthy, shorten it and add the remaining text to the description.

TIP: Make sure a keyword or an attention-grabbing term is in the first few words of your title.

Change a title after uploading
You can change the title of your presentation at any time, even after the presentation has been uploaded. Select 'EDIT' and type in the new title in any of these 3 places:

1. In your presentation player

Change the title in the player

2. On your 'My Uploads' page

Change the title on My Uploads page

3. On your 'Edit Presentation Details' page

Change the title on the presentation details page

Do you have a tip for creating catchy titles? Please share in the comments below.