Zeitgeist 2011 - a year of changes in presentation trends

January 17, 2012

It’s time for our annual SlideShare Zeitgeist, a look back at 2011 presentation trends based on activity of the SlideShare community. Each year we analyze metrics and share our summary so you can stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world of presentations. Here’s what we discovered…

[slideshare id=11078523&doc=zeitgeist2011-120116062709-phpapp01]

A lot has changed since our Zeitgeist 2010. Are you increasing the number of slides in your presentations? You’re not alone – the average presentation has 22 slides, compared to the 2010 average of 19. Japanese presentations still top the list for most slides per presentation. But as a whole, Japanese presentations have reduced their average number of slides per presentation from 42 in 2010 to 29 in 2011.

Looking at worldwide data, we found that men still include more slides than women in their presentations. Step up to the scale, your files are getting fatter! The average 2011 file size for presentations was 9.2MB, up from 7.9MB in 2010.

It’s always interesting to see what tags are most popular. In 2011 the “business” tag remained in first place, with “marketing” and “design” replacing “market” and “research” from 2010. We’ve added a new metric this year, tracking the relative traffic from the top 5 technology blogs. Techcrunch topped the list, with Mashable, Read Write Web, VentureBeat, and GigaOm close behind.

These are just some of what surfaced 2011. You'll find more about image use, file types and most popular presentations in the slideshow. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts, surprises, and how the information in the Zeitgeist influences your presentation design. We can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!