Enhance your small business marketing with presentations

January 12, 2012

Experts agree that small businesses are at the heart of improving today's economy. If you own a business, but are not a public speaker, you may wonder how SlideShare can help you. We see many creative ways that small business owners can use presentations in their marketing strategy. Madeline Hoge of Mason, Ohio has figured this out. Madeline is a real estate sales professional who knows how to get a prospective buyer's attention. Let’s take a look at Madeline’s playbook and see how she’s using SlideShare to market one of her current listings:

[slideshare id=10939134&doc=8644stillwaterislebrochure-120110094611-phpapp02]

  1. Madeline’s SlideShare profile is complete with a professional photo, contact information, and links to her company’s website
  2. The property is given its own dedicated presentation
  3. Still photographs provide the basis for an “online brochure” plus an embedded YouTube video provides a virtual tour of the property
  4. Madeline’s contact information is included within the presentation
  5. The presentation is embedded on her company website, capturing views from her colleagues at the firm as well as incoming website traffic
  6. Madeline can monitor the presentation's analytics and keep her clients updated about interest in the property

There are many ways to incorporate your SlideShare presentations into your business and marketing strategies. We’d love to hear your ideas so please share them in the comments.