Smile! Add your videos to SlideShare

December 12, 2011

One of the most popular features here on SlideShare is the use of video presentations. With a PRO account, you can upload a video without embedding it into a slidedeck. Unlike YouTube videos, Pro videos are ad-free and provide viewer statistics. And just like with slidedecks, you can embed your video on websites and blogs.

Check out this video from small business consultant, Shahar Boyayan. Her company, BuzzBooster Marketing, uses video to deliver a tutorials and to report live from industry events…

You can do it!
If you can upload a slidedeck, you can upload a video. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your SlideShare account
  2. Click on the orange UPLOAD button at the top of the page
  3. Click on the blue UPLOAD+ button
  4. Select a video file and start uploading!

Add tags and a description just like with your slidedeck presentations. You can make the video private if you’d like, and assign a password to control who can view it.

Upload videos of your own presentations
Conference and event planners are more likely to ask you to speak if they have a sample video to preview. The video can be professionally produced, or can be recorded with a Flip cam or other video camera. Take a look at this keynote presentation video that Sean McPheat recently uploaded.

Keep all of your presentations in one place
Video is becoming an increasingly important element in speakers’ portfolios. It’s also a great way to share a recording of your presentation without relying on the event’s organizers to record it. Although there are other video platforms available, SlideShare keeps all of your presentation materials together - videos, slideshows, slidecasts, and documents. Take a look at how Amazon Web Services has all of its content in one place. You keep your slidedecks on SlideShare, why not add videos? Remember, you can:

  • Upload a variety of formats
  • Embed your videos on other websites and blogs
  • Keep your videos private and share only with specific people
  • Play ad-free videos
  • Capture leads right from your videos

Here are some ideas from the SlideShare community to get you inspired...

Go ahead and experiment
You probably have a video that you can upload and experiment with. If you aren't ready to show the world, add a password. It won't take long to find more reasons to have your videos on SlideShare. We always like to hear your ideas, so please leave a comment below.