BigFoot has landed: a brand new design for our presentation pages

November 30, 2011

At SlideShare, we want to help you improve the way you communicate and share your ideas. The "presentation page" (the page you see when you look at a presentation) is the main page for sharing your ideas via SlideShare, and we want the focus of that page to be your content.

We've redesigned the presentation page to make it cleaner, and increased the footprint size of your presentations. Someone on the team nick-named the new design "Bigfoot" and the name stuck!

Screenshot of BigFoot presentation design

  • With Bigfoot, you'll be viewing presentations (and documents, videos, webinars) in an engaging, darkened theater that focuses attention on the content.
  • Discover presentations related to what you're viewing.
  • Sharing with your friends on SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is a lot easier.
  • Find stats and more about the presentation, all in one place.

All of the features you're used to, like sharing on social networks, embedding, and displaying number of views are still on your presentation pages. They're all just easier to see while still keeping your presentation as the center attraction.

Want to try it? Go to any presentation and click on the link in the yellow banner at the top of the page. Or go directly to the Bigfoot page and opt-in. You can always switch back to the old design from the same opt-in page.

As always, we're listening. So tell us what you think. Whether you've got bouquets or brick and bats, send them our way!