Job search is a social exercise

November 23, 2011

As 2011 winds down, the world is still under economic stress. And yet some companies are hiring like crazy. How are people finding out about open positions? It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. But if you think of that haystack as your social network, there are many tools and resources at your fingertips. Not feeling like a social media guru? That's okay, Jennifer McClure of Cincinnati has created a collection of helpful presentations that will get you familiar with social media and how to use it in your job search.

Create a visual resume
Looking for ways to stand out from the crowd? Don't just be one more piece of paper in a huge stack of applications. Consider creating a visual resume. Take a look at how Heidi Lilly tells the story of her work experience and education. Like Heidi's visual resume, The Story of Cory uses images and storytelling to give us a sense of who Cory is as a person, not just an employee or co-worker.

Manage your online presence and profiles
If you have been online for your personal as well as your professional life, take these recommendations from Ellyssa Kroski to create & manage your online presence. With a few minutes of thoughtful online housekeeping, the 'you' that is presented to the world will be much more refined, professional and attractive to potential employers.

If only for the sheer volume of people who can find you through LinkedIn, make sure to keep your profile up to date. Laurence Bret, Work Marketing Director at LinkedIn goes into more detail in her presentation, 'Social Media and the Talent Economy.' Remember to regularly update all of your online profiles, even just to freshen up the language and add new keywords.

Freelancing in the new economy
Are you a freelancing, or thinking about self-employment as your next step? Keep in mind these basics if you want to succeed as a Freelancepreneur. If you have a secure job in a solid company, you are still in business for yourself. The only person who can take care of your professional career is you. That's where the discussion of "personal brand" originated. You are the product of your experience, education, talent and imagination. Nate Riggs drives this point home in his presentation, 'The resume is dead, building brand you.'

You don't have to be in marketing, social media, or technology to take advantage of the new social trends in hiring and career management. Follow the SlideShare community members mentioned above, as well as people who are in your profession (or potential new profession.) Get honest feedback from friends and colleagues that you trust. Own your career and trust your social network to help connect you to your professional future.