New ways to share private presentations

October 19, 2011

You know that SlideShare is a great way to share presentations publicly. But did you know that SlideShare Pro gives you the ability to share presentations and documents privately? You can share private presentations with a sales prospect, a group of collaborators, with your students in a class, or with people at your company. We have been hard at work on private sharing enhancements. From each of your 'My Uploads >Edit Presentation Detail' pages, you'll notice we have added several features to provide you with more flexibility for private sharing:

  • A private presentation can now be assigned a password.
  • The password can be set to expire in a specific number of days and hours.
  • A private presentation can be scheduled to go public at a specific time and date.

Password protect a private presentation
With a SlideShare Pro account, you have always been able to share a presentation privately by generating a secret URL. We have recently added the ability to password protect a private presentation, ensuring the maximum amount of access control. This is valuable when you’re sending the link to someone, and are not sure who they might share it with. By adding a password, even if the URL is distributed in a way you didn’t intend, the password will keep unauthorized viewers from gaining access.

private presentation Does your company have an internal review process when creating presentations? By password-protecting your draft presentation, you can be sure that it doesn’t get published before the review and approval process is complete. And don’t overlook your intranet. If you want to share a presentation within your company intranet, just keep it private on SlideShare, and turn on the option for embedding elsewhere.

Set an expiration time for the password
We’ve automated the password expiration process. You can now set in advance the number of days and hours that the password remains active. Setting the password expiration time allows you to automate how long the presentation is available for viewing.
set a password expiration timeThis added control is particularly valuable when presenting to remote audiences, and in situations where you need to manage the the length of time that someone has access to a presentation.

Schedule a time for your private presentation to go public
You can also now schedule a specific time for a private presentation to be made public. This is a useful feature when you are giving a preview of your presentation to a select group of people, and intend for the presentation to be made available to the public at a future time.
change a private presentation to public For example, event organizers who want to maintain the exclusivity of their live event are now able to request that presenters keep their slideshows private until after the presentation or event. Or, when your company is launching a new product or service, give a private preview to your executive team or the press. Then schedule the presentation to be made public when your launch is announced.

Here’s a recap of these new private-sharing features. Now you can:

  • Assign a password to your private presentation.
  • Set the password to expire in a specific number of days and hours.
  • Schedule a private presentation to change to public at a specific time and date.

Would you like to be able to share presentations privately? You can sign up for SlideShare Pro anytime.
We’re gathering user stories of how these privacy features are used and would love to hear your experiences. What other types of private sharing features would you like to see? Please tell us below.