Adding zip to Zipcast with new scheduling features and more

October 5, 2011

When Zipcast launched earlier this year, we were blown away by the positive reception. Many, many people want an easy-to-use, free web meeting platform. Members of the SlideShare community gave us specific feedback about the user experience of hosting a Zipcast, and about the features you need. Thank you! Here is an an update on some significant changes we’ve made based on your recommendations.

We’ve added the ability to schedule your Zipcast meeting in advance, and send email invitations to prospective attendees. You can also now view your Zipcast activity, including your upcoming and past Zipcasts.

Your attendees can RSVP to your invitation, giving you a sense of who and how many will attend. A reminder email will be sent to each attendee, and the Zipcast can now be added to their calendars.

Any registered member of the SlideShare community can schedule and conduct a public Zipcast. Pro members can choose to make their Zipcasts private by adding a password.

Private Zipcast

You can find more details about Zipcast in our recently updated forums. Go ahead and try out Zipcast and leave us a comment telling us how these new features are working for you!