Five years of SlideShare

October 4, 2011




Exactly five years ago, on October 4th, we launched SlideShare. The launch was a story on TechCrunch (that's all we did to get the word out). SlideShare was the first web-based document sharing service - we did not know how users would react. But it immediately started catching on - we knew on the first day, within the first few hours, that we were on to something. We had so many people asking for invites to the site that one person's job that day was to press the button to let new people into the site! Within a couple of weeks, we were in the top 10,000 websites worldwide (even though at that point, you had to be a member to even view presentations on SlideShare). We had content being uploaded from all over the world, about all kinds of topics: from technical presentations to lecture slides to sermons to the inevitable presentations about cute kittens.

We have come a long way since then - 60 million visitors every month, 14 million registered users, and millions and millions of presentations, documents and videos shared on SlideShare. The team has grown to 40 people and we are adding team members almost every week.

Its been a fun, exciting ride that the we have taken together. We're extremely humbled by where we've come, happy about the community that we have helped to create, and grateful to the contributions of everyone who has helped us out along the way, whether by helping on the site, reporting a bug, or uploading a presentation. I cannot wait to see what the next five years brings!