Thanks for the great launch: press roundup

September 28, 2011

We are thrilled and humbled by the positive response our HTML5 and mobile launch has received. Your tweets and blog comments helped us celebrate many months of hard work. We are still receiving comments and questions both on our SlideShare blog and on the Engineering blog. We've been watching the Twitter stream closely, as well.

Twitter tweets about SlideShare HTML5 launch

The press was generous in their coverage of the launch. Here are some of the articles that have been published in the last day:

TechCrunch: Professional Content Sharing Platform SlideShare Goes Mobile with New HTML5 Site

All Things D: SlideShare Does Biggest Redesign Ever... But It’s Invisible!

GigaOM: SlideShare Ditches Flash, Rebuilds Entire Site in HTML5

VentureBeat: SlideShare Boosts Mobile Abilities with All New HTML5-Powered Site

ZDNet: SlideShare Dumps Flash, Goes HTML5: Developer Resources v. Multiple Apps

ADWEEK: Startup SlideShare Joins the HTML5 Wave

The Next Web: SlideShare Ditches Flash, Gets a Speedy HTML5 Facelft SlideShare Redoes Presentation-Sharing Site with HTML5

PC Magazine: SlideShare Website Now in HTML5 - Now Accessible by Mobile Devices

Business Insider: SlideShare Joins the “No Flash” Club

InfoQ: SlideShare Migrates from Flash to HTML5

Silicon Angle: SlideShare Dumps Flash, Goes All HMTL5

Vator News: SlideShare dumps Adobe Flash and adopts HTML5

ReadWriteWeb: HTML5 Scores a Point as SlideShare Ditches Flash Entirely

Thank you, everyone, for being such terrific supporters of SlideShare. If you encounter any bumps with your presentations, please let us know by leaving us a comment here on the blog or on Twitter.