Edelman Network launches on SlideShare

August 31, 2011

Today I'm pleased to share the launch of the Edelman Network on SlideShare. Edelman is the world's largest PR firm. They have been active on SlideShare for years, and are the first company of its kind to  establish a SlideShare Network

“We say all the time that PR has an enormous opportunity in a world of expression, where authority is dispersed, where trust is created through continuous conversation and established media brands must share attention with blogs or consumer generated content,” said Brian Reizer, senior vice president and global editor, Edelman. “Slideshare offers us another powerful tool to support engagement with our key audiences.  We have a platform for sharing ideas and gaining intelligence. We have an embassy for listening and discussing what matters most to our work, to our clients, and to the industries and communities we serve.”

The Edelman Network on SlideShare ties together Channels for Edelman Insights, Edelman Talks, Edelman Showcase and Edelman Etc. The Showcase, for example, enables them to share their portfolio with the world's largest social content network of 50M visitors per month through the Edelman Showcase Channel. While at the same time enrich the portfolio section of their corporate website.

For public engagement in the social media clover leaf model, they are establishing an embassy with the SlideShare Community that is also richly embedded in their owned media. Content is made simple for social distribution across other social networks and in an influential position for Mainstream and New Media.

Media Clover Leaf 
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“In our business, you do a lot of presentations… and Slideshare offers an easy way to share those presentations with the world,” said Reizer. “More importantly, the community that exists on Slideshare provides a forum for discussion and engagement. It has evolved over time into an important embassy for the company.”

Communications strategy is evolving to meet complex and evolving social network structures and organizational needs with visual and sharable content. This Network serves as a model for current clients, and a way to engage new ones where they are.