Use QR codes to share your presentation without a projector

August 16, 2011

We'd be asleep at the wheel if we hadn't noticed the Twitter attention that Todd Ogasawara has been getting for his article "No Projector? Use QR Code & SlideShare to Share a Presentation on Smartphones." In a nutshell, Todd describes how he solved the problem of having to give a presentation in a room that doesn't have a projector. He uploaded his presentation to SlideShare, then created a QR code that points to the presentation. He then printed an image of the QR code and will make that available to the audience. Those attendees who have smartphones can point to the QR code and go right to the presentation on SlideShare. For step by step instructions, see Todd's article on Social Times.

colorful QR code imageThis is such a smart idea, we want to make sure all of you hear about it. Thanks Todd, and good luck with the presentation. We'd love to see photos of how it all comes together. And thank you, Twitter followers, for retweeting @ToddOgasawara's idea. Your sharing of his @SocialTimes article on Twitter is what brought it to our attention.

If you'd like to learn more about how QR codes work, take a look at this helpful presentation by Aysegul Kapucu and Rebecca Murphey from University of Central Florida Libraries, "QR Codes in an Academic Setting."