A Network for O'Reilly Media's Events

August 8, 2011

O'Reilly Media produces some of the world's leading technology events, including Ignite, Strata, OSCON, Tools of Change, Velocity and Where 2.0. And they have always been at the forefront of using technology to augment the event experience. Today I'm pleased to share they have launched the O'Reilly Media Network on SlideShare.

The O'Reilly Media Network on SlideShare provides Channels for each of their events full of presentations, documents and videos. Before an event they can be used to distribute event collateral and let potential registrants engage in content from past conferences. During the event, presentations are shared for the benefit of attendees and remote participants as content and conversation gets distributed across other social networks. After the event, videos are uploaded and each Channel serves as a living archive.

Content from the event Channels and is dynamically aggregated into the Network home. Including presentations by Tim O'Reilly himself, one of the most popular members of SlideShare.

This is the first Network established by a conference organizer. Check out the Altimeter, IBM, Dell and NASA networks, and contact me to get your own.