Friday Tip: create a permalink to a specific slide

July 29, 2011

Yesterday a question came up on Twitter that we'd like to answer here.

Is it possible to create a permalink to a specific slide within SlideShare?

It sure is, here's how: Let's say you want to send someone a link to a specific slide, for example the Sustainability Performance graph from the Measuring Sustainability Performance presentation.

1. While in SlideShare, go to the presentation

2. Find the slide that you'd like to permalink, in this case the graph on slide 13.

3. Add a forward slash "/" and the slide number "13" to the end of the url

That's your permalink!

Anyone who clicks on the permalink will go directly to slide 13, and will also be able to view the rest of the slideshow. This is a great way to draw attention to a specific slide while still providing access to the entire presentation.
Thanks to Jonathan Brown aka @bluedroplet for inspiring today's Friday Tip.