Tips to make content your secret weapon

June 16, 2011

We’d like to call attention to something we’ve observed for quite some time. People really do recognize and appreciate valuable content, especially when it comes from their peers. By “valuable” we mean content that raises the interest, awareness, and knowledge of the person who receives it. It also can entertain, inspire and challenge a point of view. Like visual artists displaying their images in a portfolio, think of your content as a knowledge portfolio – a well organized collection of your expertise.

Earlier this week Ross posted "Building Context for Professional Content". Ross describes how the job guide Daily Endeavor is using our open API to integrate with SlideShare content and help people find jobs.

Non-profits have content, too
In a recent workshop in content marketing for associations and non-profits, Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe) asserted that the Ultimate Goal is to be “The trusted, expert resource in your niche wherever your customers are online.”

This is true for any organization that wants to improve its visibility, credibility and brand image. Joe summarizes the workshop in his article “Nine Steps to Content Marketing Success One Step at a Time" and has published the slideshow on his channel.

What exactly is “content marketing?”
There are many definitions of content marketing, but all include the following concepts: adding value, building credibility, sharing knowledge in order to build trusted relationships with your customers and partners. Don’t limit yourself to just text copy. The term “content” includes illustrations, data, charts, videos…anything that has information that your audience will find useful. Marketing Sherpa posted an article outlining the four tactics that our friends at Eloqua use to implement content marketing. There are some golden nuggets in this article – a recommended read.

Looking for other ways to share your content? Nancy Scott challenges folks to add more value to company newsletters by making them content-rich. Here at SlideShare we have a conscious commitment to use our newsletter as a vehicle for building community and sharing value-added content. Nancy lists 16 more newsletters that are taking this approach.

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