The Love Project

May 25, 2011

Photography slideshows are often the most popular presentations that we post on our Facebook page. Is it the imagery, the subject matter? Or maybe it's that most of us need to take a break in our busy day and just let our minds breathe for a moment. On December 16 of last year, amateur photographer Linda Mango posted this entry on the 365Project's discussion page: "Would You Like to Contribute to My Project?"

Linda works in a long-term care facility in Pennsylvania and has experimented with the affect that visual imagery has on patients with chronic pain:

For the past two years, I've shared a PowerPoint presentation of pictures I've taken set to music. Shown in a cozy room with soft lighting, these pictures help our residents escape from their reported pains. Residents rate their pain prior to the presentation and after and in every instance, their pain is greatly diminished from watching the presentation and listening to the soft, soothing music.

Linda's observations prompted her to ask participants in the 365Project to contribute their photos in order to expand the collection. This she called "The Love Project." Three days later, Linda posted an update stating that she couldn't accept any more photos - the response from fellow photographers had been overwhelming! Much to our delight, Linda has posted this collection of photographs as a presentation here on SlideShare.

During the very busy days of our very busy lives, it's worth a moment to take pause and give our minds a mini-vacation. Relax, breathe, and notice the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks, Linda, for your gift to these residents, and for reminding us that beauty can indeed heal.