Weekend homework: your career

May 13, 2011

When was the last time you updated your resume or LinkedIn profile? Even if you're in the same position, no doubt you've done some new stuff that is worth sharing. Equally important...are you using social media to help connect you to a growing professional network?

In "Twitter to Tenure", Vineet Arora, MD lists 7 ways that social media has helped her advance her medical career. You may remember Dr. Arora as winner of our "Most Professional Video " contest last year. Her team's video "Hospital Handoffs for Intern Orientation" won the grand prize!
Dr. Arora tells us this:

"For the Twitter to Tenure workshop at this year’s Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting, I was asked to think about how social media enhanced my career. This may sound ridiculous at first- after all, social media is a big waste of time right? Wrong as some of you have discovered. Social media has opened doors for me by connecting me to a variety of people I would not have met."

Ultimately, you're in business for yourself - even if you're employed at someone else's company, agency or organization. It's up to you to manage your professional development AND your professional reputation. That's what "personal branding" is all about - managing the world's perception of you and your work. In his presentation "Personal Branding in Work and Life", Jack Crawford gives great examples of how he manages his own personal brand...

Shashi Bellamkonda is a generous and well-known member of the social media community. He has created a genuinely positive reputation throughout his network, all while working for the large company Network Solutions. For practical tips and advice on building your personal brand, take a look at Shashi's presentation "Effective Personal Branding".

You've probably heard us talk about creating your resume as a presentation and adding it to your SlideShare channel. How can anyone resist Jesse Desjardin's latest CV presentation in his quest for employment with Tourism Australia?

What about a resume infographic?! In 4 Ways to WOW Hiring Managers with Tech, Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR tells us about Hagan Blount and the success of his Resume Infographic. She also encourages the geek in each of us by suggesting we add QR codes to our business cards and resume. (She also explains what a QR code is.) Read the whole article here>>

It may seem like a nuisance to try and search out every possible social networking site, and add yourself to each one. That's where LinkedIn can help you out. In his article "Linking In & Synching Up to Stay Ahead", Troy Redick describes his approach:

"By adding the Tweets feature to my LinkedIn profile, I have been able to synchronize my LinkedIn status with my separate Twitter account, as well as linked my central profile to a Slideshare (to post my educational and advertising power-point presentations online), a WordPress blog and a Youtube account."

Connections will occur as a natural response to "putting yourself out there" and keeping your information up to date. But remember, your network is a community. That leaves us with this food for thought from Dr. Arora:

"Part of being a good citizen on social media is giving back. I try to give back when I can through helping anyone who contacts me for something specific – so I have read personal statements, reviewed websites, and offered input to others who are interested in my perspective on their work."

Have you tried a job search, resume writing or personal branding technique that worked for you? Please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear about it.