Create captivating presentations with these tips from Public Words

March 4, 2011

We're continuously impressed with Sally Hogshead's ability to create beautiful and compelling presentations. Apparently we're not alone. In a recent blog post on entitled 'Slideshare: An Easy Way to Present', Curt Finch had this to say...

"What I like about Hogshead’s Slideshare presentations is that they are easily read on her blog. The font is large and the visuals are clear, appealing, and further her arguments. In her Slideshare presentation "Do You Think Like a Goldfish," Hogshead presents the argument that you have about nine seconds to reach an audience, thus your message should be fascinating in order to create the fastest effect."

How does she do it? Well, in a recent blog post of her own, Sally reveals her secret sauce for creating fascinating presentations. Here are the bullet points, but to really understand the visual effect, read her entire blog post.

1. Start with a strong core concept.
2. Spend extra time to find un-lame visuals.
3. Don’t always use images that are “see-say.”
4. Take a moment to craft your typography.
5. Establish a pattern, then disrupt it.
6. Almost done! Now wrap it up with a call to action.

What do you think are the secrets to creating and designing great presentations? Please let us know with a comment below.